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Linnaeus Garden

Links to Linnaeus

Linné Uppsala - Uppsala Linnaeus' town, since 1728.

Carl von Linné 5p - Linnaeus' life and sciences - internet based course at Uppsala University.

The Linnean Society of London

The Swedish Linneaus Society - a nation-wide organisation whose purpose is to spread and increase our knowledge of Carl Linnaeus and his work.

The Linnaeus Herbarium - at the Natural History Museum, Stockholm.

The Linnaean Correspondence

The Linnaeus Link Project

Hembygdsföreningen Linné - Linnaeus´ childhood in Småland.

Linnés Råshult – Carl von Linné's (Carl Linnaeus) birthplace, Sweden's tenth cultural reserve

Carl von Linné on Internet

Linnaeus 2007 - Uppsala University celebrated the 300th birthday of Linnaeus in 2007.